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Own Your Story And Learn How To Grow Your Business Online


October 1, 2022 12:00 AM




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Are you a business owner and looking to grow your business online?

Are you wanting more sales?

Do you want to be more confident in sharing your story?

Have you had a life-changing experience and desire to share your story?

Do you want to inspire and empower others by writing your book or booking speaking engagements with your signature story?

Are you lacking confidence in who you are, so you doubt your gifts and it is keeping you stuck from walking in your purpose?

Do you have intense fear to share your story, because you are trapped in the cycle of shame and are worried that others may judge you?

If you said YES then this event is for you!

I have been exactly where you are NOW.

After hitting complete rock bottom in 2015, I have learned the power of owning your story.

Christine Innes is the CEO and Founder of The Corporate Escapists which is a leading digital platform, that gives you tools and inspiration to help you find and follow your passion.

After sharing my own personal story which has more twists and turns than an extreme rollercoaster, I learned that owning my story, gives me the power back to reclaim my life.

Not only did sharing my story, launch a global business, it is also now my passion to share stories.

Stories connect us in more ways than sharing. I truly believe that when we share our story a little bit of our own DNA is implanted in the other person and at the right time when needed it is activated.

I know this might seem a little too left field, yet let me ask you this.. Have you ever been talking to someone and a story you either heard, watched or read pops into your mind to share with the other person?

I guess you are nodding your head right now, this is the power of stories and every business owner needs to be sharing their why, their passion and themselves with their audience.

I know that our own fears and insecurities will step in and stop us and this is one of the reasons for this conference. To show you how to overcome these fears and truly step into your own power and own your story and in turn learn how to use this to grow your business online.

Register today and don’t miss this event!

Meet the speakers:

Christine Innes:

CEO and Founder of The Corporate Escapists and sharing her story and how she is now helping others own their story to grow their business and the power of media.

Danni Vee:

Author, Mind Body Mentor, Certified Fitness & Nutrition Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Practioner & Women’s Health Specialist

Kate & Matilda

Visual story-tellers, visual strategists, image coaches, NLP master practitioners & mindset coaches.

Aldwyn Altuney

Known as the “Media Queen”, Aldwyn is a TV Host, speaker, photojournalist & author of multiple international best-selling books.

Jenell Lyn

Registered nurse, Mindset Development Coach, Catalyst Trainer, Best selling author, Motivational speaker.

Roxanne McCarty-O’Kane

Author, Award Winning Business Woman, Ghostwriter, Facilitator of Ignite & Write.

Kleo Merrick

An #1 International best-selling author, Speaker, Online course strategist and advisor to Entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Melanie Wood

International communication and leadership speaker, Best-selling author.

Beck Smith

Founder, Director and CEO at Beam Magazine, Owner of Beck Smith Events and host of Women to Watch.

Each speaker will bring you their expertise and help you own your story and grow your business online.

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