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Our Cover Story features Amber Renae. After starting her corporate career as an Engineer. Amber soon swapped building roads for building dresses and started a fashion label which dressed Paris Hilton.  Then Celebrity Stylist, Fashion Editor and TV Presenter.  Now, Amber helps business owners turn their passion into an online course.

Alicia Wade aka Dr Gratitude and her journey of bringing in gratitude to her life and self-leadership.


Alicia’s story will take you on a journey, one filled with test to testimony, victim to victory, triumphs and setbacks—a journey of self-leadership and transformation.

Kat Millar shares how gratitude is one of the most powerful yet simple keys we can use to cultivate happiness and her own 3 tips to help you harness these tools.


Our Cover Story is featuring Amber Renae. From corporate career as an engineer to now helping business owners grow their business online.

Discover a World of Inspiration

Discover more insightful content from our esteemed contributors. Join Jenn Lewis as she delves into her transformative journey towards grateful living. Explore Larissa Beattie’s illuminating perspective on the nuances of gratitude toxicity. Plus, unlock the secrets shared by Kay Hamilton as she explores the profound effects of essential oils in cultivating gratitude. Experience a wealth of knowledge and inspiration right at your fingertips.

Meet Jenn Lewis

Jenn's goal is to help you align your goals and the needs of your customers through systems and online marketing and bring your business back-to-soul connection and healing. Her regulary columns help you be the best of yourself in life and in business.

How Essential Oils Can Support You

Help you enhance your connect to feeling of gratitude.

Meet Larissa Beattie

Larrisa regular columns allow us to connect with ourselves. In Larrisa's words "When I say awaken, I don’t mean a few light bulb moments or recognition or a few life lessons here and there. I am talking about awakening to your full potential whatever that looks like for you in this lifetime."

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