I’m Christine.

Author, Speaker, Coach & Founder of The Corporate Escapists.

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How can we help you? 

The Corporate Escapists gives you the media platforms to showcase you and your business to a rapidly growing global audience. 

We offer coaching to help you go from corporate mess to your empowered best with our empowHER program and help you kickstart your business with The Corporate Kick-Off – launches your business online in 60 days 

Why work with me? 

Do you know that horrible feeling that washes over you when life gives you lemons and you see no way out of your situation?  

I sure had a few of these sour fruits thrown my way over the past couple of years. In fact, it got so bad that I actually hit rock bottom. I couldn’t work anymore, my marriage was failing and my finances suffered tremendously. 

Luckily, I was able to rise above this dark period in my life and I’m here to tell you that you can do the same.  

During my personal journey, stories inspired me to change my life. After sharing my personal story online, I was able to resonate with so many people all around the world who have experience similar life experiences. This is how The Corporate Escapists began.  

It is now my mission to work with heart centre businesses to share their story in the most authentic way to connect with their audiences and grow their business. 

If you are an organiser or company looking for an inspirational speaker, then I am the person you have been searching for. 

Delivering heartfelt messages of female empowerment, the journey of self-love and going from BROKEN and in a TOXIC relationship to falling in love with myself again and building the life and business of my dreams. 

You can find out more www.thecorporateescapists.com 

Love and light  

x Christine 


“The reason the Bible is the best-selling book every year is because it delivers its lessons as a series of stories.” [Entrepreneur magazine March 5, 2018] 

“Apple doesn’t want you to buy what they sell, Apple wants you to believe what they believe” [Simon Sinek] 

I can assure you that once you take that first step, that first leap of faith, your life will change.

You are likely here because one wrenching question remains unanswered. That question, ‘how do I stand out in a way that makes me irresistible to my customers yet stay true to the authentic me, my higher purpose’? This a question every entrepreneur, small business owner grapples with. Crack the answer to this question and your business grows. You grow.

In business you end up making more sales, make more money and this inevitably gives you what you really want, more time and more choice in your business and your life. A richer, more meaningful path to follow, more joy and more deep satisfaction. 

I speak from experience. You see I’m living my higher purpose now, in this business I created. I chose to do this, I have embraced my path, my journey and I am in love with my mission and my business. My mission is to help you feel what I feel too. 

We all want the same thing, to live to our highest purpose, enjoy life, worry less, feel wanted and supported by those important to us and feel valued for what we bring to the lives of others. I found my path after deep pain, sorrow, crushing regret and loathing and crippling fear. For too long. Finally, I chose to surrender and let it be a part of me, shape me. I came out stronger, more sure of myself. I learnt to love myself again and this let me escape the shackles in my mind holding me holding me back. I broke free. This is why I called my business the Corporate Escapists. I escaped, you can too, together we will. 

Your journey need not be alone. Call me, talk, let me listen , let me understand. Let’s me just begin there. 

Find out more here: https://www.thecorporateescapists.com/grow-your-brand/

Love and light,

x Christine

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