Start Your Own Podcast





In my brand new course in 4 weeks we launch your Own Podcast.  I am with you along the way showing you how and also sharing more of my insider secrets of how I have launched 2 global podcasts in under 3 years.

The next Course is starting 9th January 2023

Here is peak of what is inside the course.

Week 1:  Ready, set, go… We sit down and design your podcasts

In the first week, we are setting up your podcast, with the name, designing who are your ideal listeners, and the platform to launch and we record your podcast interview on The Corporate Escapists Podcast.

Week 2:  We start recording your first episode.

Week 2 we start recording and show you the simple systems and services we use to record your first episode.

Week 3:  Promote, promote, promote.

Week 3 we show you where and how to promote your show. Plus we share your podcast with our audience.

Week 4.  It is your time to shine.

You are live and gaining the traction you need to grow your business.  We work with you to set up your media kit and forms to attract your guests.


Start today and have your own podcast in 4 weeks.


The next course is starting 9th January 2023