Christine Innes

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About Christine

Christine Innes is the CEO and founder of The Corporate Escapists who loves helping people find their passion and live life to the fullest.

She loves helping women to be their true authentic self.  To remove the masks and labels we all put on ourselves so they can have more confidence within their themselves and be successful in their business.

Christine loves seeing her clients succeed and gives them tools they can use in their life and their business to create success.

Christine is also the #1 best selling author of Yes I Can! 16 Success Secrets from Inspiring Women Around The World.

How can she help you?

The EmpowHER Program

A 12 week 1:1 coaching program to take you from corporate mess to your empowHERed best.


Get Your Business Visible

Work with Christine and her team to take your business onto the global stage.  Get seen in the media with The Corporate Escapists Magazine, TV Show and Podcast and allow her team to create your website, social media strategy and equip yourself ready for success with coaching from one of our lead coaches.


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