Lisa Ohtaras

About Lisa

Lisa Ohtaras from Caring Energetic Healing is a renowned Energy Healer, Soul Healer, Intuitive Spiritual Coach, Spiritual Educator, Reiki Master, Seichim Master, Medium, Channel & Soulful Forgiveness Workshop Facilitator. 

Over 2 decades ago, Lisa healed herself of Multiple Sclerosis warning signs. Her diagnosis initiated an awakening from her spiritual slumber and connected Lisa to her inner self.

Lisa transformed pain, numbness, alternating with pins and needles in her hands & arms, feet and legs, night sweats, insomnia, chronic fatigue, and visual challenges, all without the use of medication. Through her connection, meditation, personal and spiritual growth & development, Lisa restored balance, harmony and well-being to her physical body and emotional state.

Following Lisa’s inner healing, she continued to work in her nursing career which spanned over 2 decades. Then in 2003, Lisa commenced living her Soul Purpose helping people to live in balance, harmony & health via Spiritual practices and applications.

How can she help you?

Intuitive Spiritual Coaching: 

Lisa’s exclusive one to one coaching helps people to have awareness and understanding of the significance of health afflictions and the growth opportunity for the person. Lisa also gives clarity about the human aspect of relationship challenges and issues, the soul perspective significance, providing and guiding simplified tools and strategies for releasing core negative beliefs, releasing repeating patterns, sabotaging behaviour, limitations, negative emotions, embracing and owning all parts of one’s self. 


Outcome: Mindset changes, balance, harmony, wellness and living the highest expression of one’s self.


Soulful Forgiveness Online Webinars/Interactive Online Workshops:

Releasing and healing emotional wounds such as, anger, bitterness, resentment, forgiveness difficulties & challenges, matters of the heart, sadness, grief, betrayal, abandonment & more.


Outcome: Greater understanding, balance, harmony, health and confidence. 

  • Soulful Forgiveness sessions are also available exclusively 1 to 1 with Lisa


  • Spiritual Education 


  • Energy Healing


  • Soul Healing


  • Identifying and revealing a person’s Soul Purpose (if that is what they desire)


  • Angelic Reiki


  • Pendulum work clearing energy blockages and stagnant energy in the aura, chakras and physical body relating to the present and past (past lives)


  • Crystal Therapy


  • Ancestral Influences clearing


  • Light Language Channelling for Abundance, healing & activations

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