In this episode I’m speaking with Jordan Wright about remembering that you must always share your story. There is someone out there needing to hear it from you. I can’t wait for you to hear their story and how they discovered how a combination between Harry Potter & Emotional Wellbeing can impact the lives of many readers. Even as young as 8 years old.

We have known each other for over 12 months and I have been following her journey and a massive congratulations to her growth and to the amazing milestones she has achieved.


About our guest, Jordan

Specialising in writing books to compliment businesses, Jordan provides easy, effortless strategies to get thoughts on paper, allowing her clients to finish their books quicker than they ever thought possible.

Jordan discovered her talent for writing while she was still in primary school, although she didn’t implement this skill into her work until much later; in 2019 when she won a Publishing Contract for her Fiction Novel; The Mandala Chronicles.

Jordan is now a full-time writer, working with a wide range of specialties, personalised for each individual client.

In a short amount of time, Jordan has gone from freelancing, to working with 6-figure earners who repeatedly come back to work with her time and time again.

Jordan has been able to turn a childhood passion into a business that allows her to provide for her young family, and does so with the utmost pleasure of being able to supply her clients with their dream manuscript.


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Facebook group: Share Your Story Jordan Group

Facebook page: Jordan Wright Author

Instagram: @jordaniwright

TikTok: @Jordan_Wrights

Book is available on Amazon: The Mandala Chronicles: The Realm of Intention

About your host, Christine

Transition and Lifestyle Coach, Host of The Corporate Escapists TV Show & Podcast, Speaker & Educator. In a past life, I was a corporate queen, earning the big bucks & working my way up that ladder. From the outside, I had it all, but I felt completely dead inside. It wasn’t until I hit rock bottom that I really discovered what was missing from my life. I realised I had no idea who I was.

What lit me up. What was setting my soul on fire? What was my passion in life? But after years of doing the inner work, I have rebuilt my life and now I want to help you do the same.

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