Christine Innes – Perfection and I are no longer together.

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Something that always held me back, was having to have everything PERFECT.

I wanted my life to be perfect and match the way society wanted it to look.

I wanted my career and my work to be perfect.

Hours and hours were spent hovering over a single email making sure the tone, the words and even making sure that the attachments were perfect.


The problem was that I had no trust or faith in myself and zero confidence.

It is such a shame as now I look back now and realise that I did know what I was doing. I may not have used the big words (as I frankly couldn’t stand trying to make myself look like a walking dictionary) or pronounced a few words correctly.

However, I still showed up every day.

Taking the word perfection out of my vocabulary was one of the best things I hand done.

It took the pressure off.

It allowed me to relax.

It allowed me to show up more as I didn’t have to worry about everything else just me.

Showing up now in my business and my life without this word is incredible.

I know what I do every day is done with love, kindness, passion, and compassion. So what if I make a mistake- it is just that a mistake.

We are human after all.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes as these are lessons we can all learn from.

It allows us to grow and continue to walk a path of self-discovery.

Trust more in yourself.

Trust more in your own abilities.

Trust more that what you are doing is done with love.

What word could you remove today that could allow you to take the pressure off yourself to be perfect?

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