Georgie Knight – Facing your fears and escaping corporate.

Escaping the corporate world requires you facing your fear, doing something that you’re not used to and is often the reason you say far too long within your corporate job! 

What really is fear? 

An experience within the body when there is a perceived danger. Originally designed for survival it would detect when life was in danger and provide the required hormones for you to escape. 

What does it feel like day to day? 

– An increase in heart rate 

– A strong feeling of nausea 

– When thinking of something new, you feel like crawling into a hole instead of doing it. – Attempting to make a drastic change but stopping yourself at the last minute 

Ironically, it’s what keeps us exactly where we are, when we even think about making a change. 

So how do we go about moving through it? 

We learn to work with fear, to see it, to understand it and allow it to be there even when we take the next step. 

Instead of letting the fear stop you, you allow it to empower you to challenge yourself and truly escape the same old you are experiencing everyday 

First step to working with fear is acknowledging it, 

When you feel the increase in your heart rate, the sweaty palms, the feeling of not wanting to do it, say it out loud or in your head, wow i’m feeling fear. 

Then try to understand what it is you’re actually afraid of. 

Is it the possibility of failure? 

Is it the potential humiliation? 

Is it because you think you shouldn’t give up what you have because you might not be able to get it back? 

Try and reason with yourself 

Any potential outcomes have no meaning until we give them one. We’re only afraid of failing because we’ve made it mean that you’re not a good person if you do. 

You’re only afraid of giving something up, because you don’t believe in your ability to get it back – which you have done once, so you can do it again!

Ask yourself – what action would I take if I wasn’t letting fear win? 

Then go ahead and take that action. 

Even though you’re feeling the fear, 

Trust that what you are desiring to do is for a reason! 

Lastly, think to yourself – would you be happy to be in the exact same position in 6 or 12 months time? 

So i know you’re currently over being in the corporate world, you see your passion or side hustle calling you to give it a chance, to allow yourself to have freedom to travel the world and live. 

I know you’re afraid of failing, but what about getting a few years down the track and regretting not giving it a chance? 

I know you can do it! I have! 

– Georgiekcoaching

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