Losing Your Corporate Identity with Barbie Cawthan

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Join your host Christine Innes and guest Barbie as we dive in deep talking about the personal growth you will find when you leave your corporate identity behind.

About our guest, Barbie

Barbie Cawthan came from a Corporate background of Architecture and International Sports Management with all the trimmings of a high-end Salary,Travel & Status BUT she knew there was more. Her Travel had allowed her to spend time and experience and work with many Gurus Shamans and Holy Women to understand Who Was She Really.

At 50 Barbie made the decision to totally change her life and Live a Wholestic existence both in Business and Personally. Her belief SUCCESS IS AN INSIDE JOB is expressed in her Business @Crystal & Pearl Co both through her Consultancy in Feng Shui and Designing Sacred Gem Jewellery. One Balance and Focus for Success in the Environment ie Feng Shui and the other Designing Sacred Gem “Signature Jewellery” working to Success through balancing the bio-rhythms of the person. 

Though it didn’t stop there- at the age of 68 in 2015 she heard through a friend an Earthquake had devastated the country of Nepal. Knowing through her travels unless they had outside help nothing would happen. Fundraising functions began immediately in 2015, 2016 and in 2017, 2018 at the age of 71 Barbie trekked to the village in Nepal to oversee all the distribution.

WHY WOULD SHE GET INVOLVED IN A COUNTRY DEVASTATED YES BY AN EARTHQUAKE BUT WHY NEPAL!!!! AND it doesn’t stop Barbie. Two years ago launched her own TV Show @BarbieAnnShow all about “Create The Life You Want” She says Your Never Dead Till You Take Your Last Breath”

Barbie’s links for Feng Shui Consultancies – ‘Sacred Gem Signature Jewellery.’

Connect with Barbie on Her Socials:

Website: www.crystalnpearlco.com 

Facebook: Crystal ‘n’ Pearl co., Care for all Nepal

TV Show @BarbieAnnShow each Sunday night at 7pm

About your host, Christine

Transition and Lifestyle Coach, Host of The Corporate Escapists TV Show & Podcast, Speaker & Educator. In a past life, I was a corporate queen, earning the big bucks & working my way up that ladder. From the outside, I had it all, but I felt completely dead inside. It wasn’t until I hit rock bottom that I really discovered what was missing from my life. I realised I had no idea who I was.

What lit me up. What was setting my soul on fire? What was my passion in life? But after years of doing the inner work, I have rebuilt my life and now I want to help you do the same.

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