In this episode we talk to Glenis about how there are 3 key factors to running a successful business. After having many conversations with Glenis I knew that I needed to get her onto The Corporate Escapists TV Show for her to share her guidance.

Glenis takes us through why looking after your mindset, gathering leads & knowing your numbers are the fundamentals to running not only a business but a successful business.



Glenis Gassmann CA is the owner of More Customers More Profits and a contributing writer for The Six-Figure Coach Magazine. Glenis is a Business Breakthrough Specialist with expertise in the financial realm. As a Chartered Accountant, she headed up her own accounting practice for 15 of the 30 years she has been in business and has grown her Coaching and Mentoring business in the area of growing both the top and bottom line.

An area much needed in the Business World and not offered at the mainstream accounting businesses. Her success stories and results are a result of her passion and determination to ensure her “Why” – Reducing Business Failure Rate – Worldwide. She provides a turn-key system for Business Coaches to do the same to ensure her WHY can be felt far and wide.

Glenis knows what it takes to balance a healthy profitable business with successful family life, having two adult children and 3 grandchildren. She is able to balance time with both her family and business passions and she empowers every business owner she comes in contact with to do the same. She is part of an international community of business growth experts that continually share their knowledge and challenge the status quo when it comes to unique business strategies.

However Glenis is known for her cogent communication and is an advocator keeping it simple, starting first with your WHY, then adding in the basic business fundamentals, providing a solid platform to build and grow any business with generating results for everyone she works with.

Check out her latest book: “Financially Free for Life” 10 New and Radical Strategies for Instant Marketing Success!


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About your host, Christine

Transition and Lifestyle Coach, Host of The Corporate Escapists TV Show & Podcast, Speaker & Educator. In a past life, I was a corporate queen, earning the big bucks & working my way up that ladder. From the outside, I had it all, but I felt completely dead inside. It wasn’t until I hit rock bottom that I really discovered what was missing from my life. I realised I had no idea who I was.

What lit me up. What was setting my soul on fire? What was my passion in life? But after years of doing the inner work, I have rebuilt my life and now I want to help you do the same.

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