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Elaine Kapogines - Finding your Voice in the media in 2022

Branding and Design, Business, Coaching
Elaine Kapogines is a Media Educator and PR Strategist with nearly 20 years experience in the Canadian media. She is now the Founder and Host of Pitch Class, a digital training platform that educates and empowers entrepreneurs to find their voice in the media. She also owns Wiltshire Media, a boutique PR agency specializing in...

Megan MacNeill - The Power of Personal Branding.

Branding and Design, Business, Inspiration
I’m Megan MacNeill. Personal brand strategist, gin snob, and beach lover. I always thought I was your stock standard marketer until I was listening to a podcast a few years ago and the guy started talking about personal branding. A light bulb went off in my head and I realised that I had been building...