A few years ago, before the world went crazy, I was floating along nicely – Diane Mckendrick

My name is Diane Mckendrick, regardless of what social media might tell you … I am just just ya regular neighbourhood mum grappling between contributing to the family financially, being a present “stay at home” Mum.

Juggling meetings, events, client calls, profit & loss, team meetings with milk runs, grocery shopping, drop offs and half-assed work outs in between.

While “Mumming & wifing” I have published 2 best seller books, Created a podcast with over 100 episodes & support woman globally in producing theirs. I have a clothing line, jewellery range, Customised Protein powder & run SOLD OUT high end retreats for women. I coach Mums who what to run heartcentred business around their family.

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Diane Mckendrick – Those2Sisters

A few years ago, before the world went crazy, I was floating along nicely. A great life with my husband being the bread winner in his dream job as an International Airline Pilot for Virgin Australia. His income allowed us a fun & luxurious life and meant I didn’t have to work. This initially seemed cool, however, to be honest, got pretty boring after a while and I started feeling depressed and miserable.

I loved raising my children and being a “stay at home” Mum with a sweet, sensitive, caring partner who provided for us was my dream come true so it was surprising to me when I got really honest with myself – I felt lonely, isolated and stagnant.

I had a fantasy of what being “Mum” would look like and I was searching for fulfillment outside of me in my motherhood.

My days were busy, too busy to feel the emptiness. I busied myself with being the best Mum I knew how. The reality of being at home, however, with small children on my own, hit hard. Every model of the world I had created came crashing down around me.

I became Ross & Esme’s Mum & Gus’ wife.

I felt guilty. I wanted an identity outside of motherhood. I wanted to contribute financially to our family and I wanted to support and nourish others who may have felt the same.

I wanted to leave a legacy outside of the family unit as well as within it.

I wanted to REMEMBER ME!

If you are feeling empty & lost like I explained above I invite you to get clear on your why. Create quiet time for yourself every morning before the “busy ness” of the day starts. Another thing I did when I felt like this that may be important for you all to know is meditation. I created some for you for free on Spotify “Those2Sisters meditation” playlist.

As the universe will have it, I asked, and I received. My opportunity to grow and leap presented in disguise as one of the most challenging and heart wrenching experiences of our lives.

We got that “phone call” …. The one every family dreads. Gus as an International Airline Pilot was stood down. He lost his job overnight, as the world went into a crazy Corona spin. Not only did he lose his job, he lost his purpose, his livelihood and his income. He lost a part of himself.

As you can imagine, the days, weeks, months following this were challenging. We were in lockdown with 2 kids, jobless and didn’t know how we would pay for food and our mortgage.

It was during this time, I made a decision.

I decided that in one year from now I would look back and instead of saying “That’s when my marriage broke down, That’s when my health issues started, That’s when we lost our house” that I would look back in a year from that moment and say:

“That is when my 1st book went best seller, my 2nd book was published, my podcast launched, my 1st high end package sold, my sterling silver jewellery was launched, my mastermind subscription was created AND ….. then I got to work.

I logged onto my own Mastermind dashboard to dissolve fear and grief. A weird feeling consuming your own content ☺. If you are going through ANY of this right now, I would like to offer you free 7-day access to my Mastermind so you can move through the content which helped me through.

Day and night I showed up… I kept showing up until the business needed extra support and my older sister Michelle Anne, single Mum of 2 working full time in the Police Force, started to support me with the backend of the business.

Michelle Anne was also having her own awakenings and realised around the same time she had spiritual healing gifts. From Police Officer to Soul Healer – Helping people come out of the spiritual closet.

As the business grew, she stepped into the business as Operations Manager, Soul Healer and THOSE 2 SISTERS brand was born.

When Michelle joined the business, she calmed and tamed the chaos of Diane (the creative one), implementing processes, procedures, logistics and the business catapulted world-wide and started to become a household name. Being the older sister, Michelle is also very organised, nurturing, level-headed and process driven. We work perfectly together as … I am NOT! I’m messy, chaotic, creative and sometimes my team call me the Whirlwind.

Our business has matured and we are now both working in the business full time and it supports both of our families.

I am a life coach, author & Inspirational Speaker working with the brain and rewiring the patterning – pressing eject on the old belief systems and embedding new, powerful, resourceful beliefs. Michelle Anne Soul Healer takes on more of the “woo woo” role offering her “soul healings” and running monthly Connect with Cacao events creating a safe & sacred space for women to take off the masks and really change their life from the inside out – Bringing the LIFE & SOUL together to create a life of FREEDOM for women all over the world.

We have a team of 3 Virtual Angels who work behind the scenes in making our dreams come true.

We run exclusive high-end retreats for women who want to step into their power and get their life back. We work with business women with our exclusive and luxurious Energetics of Business retreat in Port Douglas. Our retreats are often sold out in advance.

We both host a Podcast with over 5000 listens collectively. We also have a podcast product for our clients which we use as a portal to global healing, getting other women’s voices to the world. We have a customised sterling silver jewellery range, anchoring women to their power globally. We have also launched a sports clothing range and customised a protein blend designed with busy entrepreneurs in mind to stay focused and productive through the 3pm slump.

Diane has 2 Best Selling books: “Rise up, The Soulful Guide to Success” and “Millionaire Mum, The best of Both Worlds” and a deck of Affirmation cards to guide women’s transformations.

We now get to spend our days learning, growing together – creating a conscious community and SISTERHOOD where we meet & do what it takes to raise the vibration of the planet.

Diane with her sister, Michelle – Those2Sisters

Oprah once quoted ‘Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher’. How important is it to you to surround yourself with the right people?


Nelson Mandela once quoted – ‘I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.’

What has been one fear you have overcome?

I was petrified of being SEEN and heard, scared of my own shadow and barely able to order a meal and a coffee without having a full blown anxiety attack.

Scared of failing, being outcast, putting my family in financial distress, not being good enough.

All the usual fears with a few extras !

Tell us what the word “empowerment” means to you?

To see with your own eyes
To hear with your own ears
To think with your own brain
To feel with your own body

To question every thing and DECIDE, REMEMBER, RECLAIM for yourself what you are here on this earth for

What has been one of the biggest business ideas you have had and how did you have the courage to implement it?

So many to choose from !

Creating retreats and high end annual packages to work with me when every one around me told me “you cant do that” and I actually didnt really have anything to sell except an idea and a vision.
(still makes me want to 🤮) hahahaha

Selling my 1st 10K package before I even created it (still gives me goosebumps)

Pre selling both of my books before even writing a word. (oh my gosh did i really do that 😳)

Getting 500 of my 2nd book, Millionaire Mum – The Best of both worlds, printed with the Amazon best seller in manifestation of it WINNING (serious cringe)

Investing an enormous amount of money in customising my own protein blend, knowing its a perishable and smallest amounts of manufacturing was 2000 items. (Still coming to terms with this one)

Starting my Podcast with NO idea how. At a time in my life where I felt like crawling under the carpet and never being seen again – When reality was my husband losing his job so that meant loosing our home, not knowing how we where going to feed our kids and the other strains that come with that !

The courage to implement all of the above was DEEP TRUST in myself, my body, my ability to navigate my fears & emotions.

I used my own experiences and created a Process called Fear 2 Freedom which I used daily for my business creations. I also used Visualisation daily and journaled ALOT.

I noticed in these moments that all the pieces and parts of me that didn’t feel safe, worthy or deserving of the up-levels in my life would pop up for me to alchemise, transmute & liberate them into possibility.
Sounds a bit “hippy” but it really works and I have created ways to blend the science and spiritually of this to become a Leader of Leaders and share it in a way that resonates with Corporate & hippies hahahaha

Knowing all this one day out of the blue someone asked if I do corporate coaching … and I said YES (but I hadn’t) wrote up a proposal for over $50k and they said YES… So we added Corporate Culture Mindset Coaching to our Packages where business pay us upwards of $50k to work with their teams.

Running your own business can be scary.  Success requires moments of courage to push through to the next level, please tell us one of the moments you have had to push through to take your business to the next level?

The moment I sent the $50k proposal off to the Corporates.

When I committed to $20k I didnt have to publish my 1st book.

When I paid my last dollars in my account for deposits for retreats I didn’t know if people would attend.

I felt intimidated, not good enough, like a fraud and basically full physiological response to each up level. My body shaking, my mouth dry, sick feeling in my tummy, heart racing.

Each have their own specific moment and the thread weaved through is a moment of GRACE.

A voice in my head/heart coming in and saying “Di, this isn’t about you, this is about the people, mums, families you can support in healing, if you dont take this idea and action it, we will simply give the idea to someone who will”

“ahhhh NO YOU WONT”

and I felt ALL the fear, trusted, took imperfect inspired action and built my million dollar business from home nurturing other woman in business to use their voice and gifts as a vehicle for healing.
… and get to live my dream every single day, which is to empower them to live theirs!

Tell us what attributes you feel make a good leader in business today?

Radical Self responsibly
An ability to Lead with Desire
To CELEBRATE themselves and other woman (sincerely)
Commitment to constant questioning of self
Deep devotion to where they are leading themselves as individuals
Clarity on where they are leading their community
Listening with more than your ears
Inspired action and focused attention
Knowing and honouring when to say NO
Ability Change

What is your favourite quote about empowerment?

“It’s not about the how, it’s about the now”

Diane McKendrick

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to start their own business?


“it’s not about the how,
It’s about the now”

What would be one (1) question you would you ask the person who most inspires you? Also share with us about this person and why they inspire you?

Lewis & Robyn Mocker

“Whats the last thing you think before you fall asleep at night and the 1st thing you think when you wake up”

These 2 have created a lifestyle and business where they are making massive impact in the world and do it all through a subscription model on teachable.

People pay $90 a month to be part of their Program and its so inclusive, informative, educational and professional.

I am inspired by them as they have been so wise & clever with the foundations of what they have built which ripples FAR and WIDE and its completely in their time choice.

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