Fear is something I feel consistently. But I have learned that fear has a few faces – LaTisha Styles

LaTisha Styles is a marketing expert, mentor to high-achievers, and the Founder & CEO of You’ve Got Clients®. She is an Online Marketing Certified Professional®, and a Psych-K® Facilitator who helps entrepreneurs shift subconscious blocks to establish the beliefs that form the foundation of their dream as well as shift any limiting beliefs or subconscious blocks standing in the way of that dream.

Leaning on her expertise she has helped hundreds of coaches build their businesses into multi-6-figure businesses, and has consulted and partnered as a content producer, ambassador, and expert for high-profile companies including Progressive Insurance, The National Association of Realtors, Beazer Homes, and PNC Bank. She has also been featured on Forbes, Business Insider, Credit Suite, Part-Time Money, and more.

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LaTisha Styles – You’ve Got Clients

I am where I am today – a self-employed marketing consultant – because I am a stubborn believer in manifestation. After graduating from college during the Great Recession, I spent 11 months looking for a job before I was finally hired. During that time, I told myself that if I couldn’t find a job I would create my own.

That is why I say that I am a stubborn believer in manifestation. I spoke my desire and created just that. Today I am the founder of YouveGotClients.com where we help clients implement marketing systems so they can raise their rates and create massive profits.

Oprah once quoted ‘Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher’. How important is it to you to surround yourself with the right people?

Whether you surround yourself with people who are motivated or not, they tend to shape your worldview. Generally, we only spend time with people we like. If you spend time with people who speak a certain way, you’ll reflect that. But if you surround yourself with people who inspire you and cause you to stretch your worldview, it will expand who you are as a person; and by consequence, what you achieve in your own life.

Nelson Mandela once quoted – ‘I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.’

What has been one fear you have overcome?

Fear is something I feel consistently. But I have learned that fear has a few faces. In one instance it might be the fear of bodily harm, and in another, it is simply the fear of the unknown. Understanding which fears I am facing makes it easier to figure out my next steps. One big fear I faced is when I quit my full-time job to go all-in with building a business. That fear, which was fear of the unknown, stuck with me for a while, but instead of trying to overcome it, I just kept moving forward. Essentially trying to move faster than it. I didn’t want to stop and recognize the fear.

Tell us what the word “empowerment” means to you?

When I think of the word empowerment, I think back to when I made my first high-ticket sale. At the time, I had been growing my business for a few months and I was undercharging for my services. I decided to increase my rates to fit the market, and when that first client said yes, I felt really good. I felt empowered. To me, empowerment means stepping beyond what you believe is possible and it’s that feeling you get when you accomplish what you set out to do.

What has been one of the biggest business ideas you have had and how did you have the courage to implement it?

Honestly, one of the biggest business ideas I have has not yet been implemented. It is a project that will require significant funds, the right development team, and partners. Because I understand that, I recognize that it is my next business and the business I have now will help me on that path. I truly believe that life is about enjoying the journey rather than trying to “get there” all at once.

Running your own business can be scary.  Success requires moments of courage to push through to the next level, please tell us one of the moments you have had to push through to take your business to the next level?

At the very start of my business, I decided to invest with a business coach. This was a significant investment for me because not only was I not earning much from my business at the time, but I also had just quit my job. I had a lot riding on that investment. I chose to push through because I made the decision to bet on myself. I knew I would take the action required and do whatever it took to succeed.

Tell us what attributes you feel make a good leader in business today?

A good business leader should be a good listener, able to understand the viewpoint of others, and then lead by example. A good leader does not take all of the credit but rather recognizes that the team runs the machine.

What is your favourite quote about empowerment?

“If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go together.”

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to start their own business?

Either jump all the way in or stay in your comfort zone. Starting a business requires a significant commitment. It is hard work and requires dedication to your craft. You must be ready to work on yourself most of all and recognize when your own beliefs would hold you back from greatness.

What would be one (1) question you would you ask the person who most inspires you? Also share with us about this person and why they inspire you?

I would ask to hear their entire story from the very beginning to where they are today. The most inspiring people have created a level of success in their business (and life) that I aspire to create. I love hearing the stories of how they made it, especially when things got hard. For example, I love the movie The Founder because it shares the journey including the peaks and valleys of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

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