Is it time for a change?

Let’s start at the beginning.

I know first hand the feeling of being a hot mess when you’re at a crossroad in your life. Before I started The Corporate Escapists, there was a corporate girl, the people pleaser and the YES girl.

Sound familiar? I was scared of being myself. It did not matter how many times I stood in front of the mirror telling myself “you’ve got this!” I was always scared.

I was running away from life. Running away from myself as I did not want to make a decision.


Why was a decision hard to make?

One of the biggest hurdles we can face is making a decision. In fact, I have learnt that the bigger decision the more we hesitate, the more self-doubt creeps in and we simply want to run away.

The truth is, that when you procrastinate or even run away from the decision, you have in fact already make a decision.


Why do we need to make a decision?


  • No decision is a decision. Either one set a new course of action.
    It is time you took back control of YOUR life and make the decisions best for you.
  • Over the years I have noticed that the sooner I make a decision, the easier it is. I have also learnt how to align my decisions with my own core values and the vision I have for my future.


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What questions do I need to ask myself to help make a decision?


These are the 5 questions I ask every time I have a big decision to make. These questions will help you get more in touch with the outcome you are wanting to achieve and also making sure that the decisions is aligned to your own values and goals.


  1. How long have you been thinking about this decision?


Has it been one day, one week, one month or even more? The amount of time can be used to give you clarity if you have given the decision enough thought and done your research.

If you feel like you haven’t given yourself enough time, perhaps give yourself a deadline to do more research… Make sure it is realistic deadline and doesn’t put yourself under extra pressure.


2. Is the decision aligned with your goals/values?


If you are like me, you have long term and short time goals. It is good to check in with them and see if the decision you are making is aligned to these goals. This works the same with your values.

It is important to remember that your goals and values can change over time, so always check in to see if they are aligned to where you are now and want to go.


3. What are the risks if I say YES or NO?


One of the decisions could be wanting to start your own business and leave the corporate world. One of the risks could be burn out if you continue to do both.

Knowing the risks can also help you map out a plan. Get clear on all the risks and then be completely honest with yourself – How risky is the decision you are making?




I always say WHAT IF… what if I don’t do this. I would rather know then spend time thinking about the what ifs. Being scared of the unknown is a natural process. We love being in our comfort zone – it is like being wrapped up in a warm blanket. Fear can also be your intuitive side guiding you to the right path.


5. Who am I doing this for?


The most important question. If the decision does not benefit you in some way, then it is seriously worth taking a look at the decision. We all have a tendency of putting others firth before ourselves yet it is time for us to put ourselves at the top of the totem pole. Putting ourselves first is not selfish at all, you are respecting and honouring yourself.

It is important to remember every decision you make you are the one that needs to live with the decision… not anyone else!

About your host, Christine

Transition and Lifestyle Coach, Host of The Corporate Escapists TV Show & Podcast, Speaker & Educator. In a past life, I was a corporate queen, earning the big bucks & working my way up that ladder. From the outside, I had it all, but I felt completely dead inside. It wasn’t until I hit rock bottom that I really discovered what was missing from my life. I realised I had no idea who I was.

What lit me up. What was setting my soul on fire? What was my passion in life? But after years of doing the inner work, I have rebuilt my life and now I want to help you do the same.

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