Changing The Way We See Autism With Lauren Van Herk

In this episode, I’m chatting with Lauren-Grace, also known as the Autism Tattoo Mama, who is on a mission to change the world’s perspective on how we see Autism.


About our guest, Lauren

Lauren-Grace is the Autism Tattoo Mama and is reshaping the way Australians see Autism.  Lauren is sharing her journey being an Autism Mother -the good the bad and the UGLY.

I first met Lauren earlier this year and her presence was magnetic.  Lauren is warm and friendly yet she is on a mission to help us all see Autism in a new light.  With her son Dominic’s diagnosis, Lauren took charge and dove in deep to learn more and be the best champion for your family and son.

With this passion, Lauren is raising the awareness of how we see Autism and how we can make a change for complete inclusion for all disabilities.


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Facebook: Autism Tattoo Mama

About your host, Christine

Transition and Lifestyle Coach, Host of The Corporate Escapists TV Show & Podcast, Speaker & Educator. In a past life, I was a corporate queen, earning the big bucks & working my way up that ladder. From the outside, I had it all, but I felt completely dead inside. It wasn’t until I hit rock bottom that I really discovered what was missing from my life. I realised I had no idea who I was.

What lit me up. What was setting my soul on fire? What was my passion in life? But after years of doing the inner work, I have rebuilt my life and now I want to help you do the same.

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