It is written in the stars – Episode 146 with Abby Lewtas

Join us on an illuminating journey with Abby Lewtas, an esteemed Astrologer dedicated to reconnecting individuals with nature through the ancient wisdom of astrology. In this episode, Abby shares invaluable insights on harnessing the power of your astrology chart to propel you forward in life and business.


Key Takeaways:


Understanding Astrology: Explore the profound significance of astrology as the study of celestial bodies’ influence on human life and earth events, offering a deeper understanding of oneself and the universe.


Harnessing Your Potential: Discover how Abby utilizes astrology as a transformative tool to help individuals uncover their inherent potentials and strengths, providing guidance on how to leverage these aspects for personal and professional growth.


Navigating Life and Business: Learn practical strategies for using your astrology chart to navigate life’s challenges and seize opportunities in the realm of business, enabling you to align with your true purpose and achieve success.


Embracing Spirituality: Delve into the spiritual aspects of astrology and how cultivating a deeper connection with the cosmos can enhance your overall well-being and fulfillment.




Abby Lewtas is an Astrologer helping you reconnect with nature through astrology, astronomy and sky gazing.


Astrology is the ancient study of the influence that celestial bodies have on human life and earth events, the ‘search for meaning in the sky.’


Abby uses Astrology as a tool to deepen your understanding of why you are the way you are. Abby shares this knowledge with you, so that you can harness and unlock the potentials and strengths of yourself whilst bringing an understanding to how to best leverage the more delicate aspects of your spirit.



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