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Jamie R. Wright - Advocate And Activist And True Inspiration

Body and Health, Business, Family and Relationships, Health and Wellness, Inspiration

Janine Leghissa - Building A Multi-Million Dollar Business With A Chronic Illness

Business, Coaching, Health and Wellness, Inspiration

Nazima Khan - Crocheting A New Business

Business, Health and Wellness, Inspiration

Dhruvi Halai - Creating A Ayurvedic-Inspired Skincare Brand

Body and Health, Business, Health and Wellness

An Enlightened Life With Larissa Beattie | Episode 119

Coaching, Health and Wellness, Inspiration, Spiritual Self
In this episode, we sit down with #1 Amazon best “An Enlightened Life’ by Larissa Beattie and talk about finding your true self and following your lifes path. Larissa shares her insight of leaving the defence force to stepping into her own power and creating a life filled with passion and purpose.   About our...

Liz Tully - We are passionate about creating mentally healthy workplaces.

Business, Health and Wellness
Liz Tully, Founder & Owner of Mental Wealth at Work is a workplace mental health specialist passionate about creating mentally healthy workplaces. With 20+ years experience in corporate human resources roles, Liz offers a range of services to leaders, managers and team members to help create mentally healthy workplaces. Thank you for joining us here at...

Amanda Louisa - Tackling your limiting beliefs through your nervous system is the key.

Body and Health, Coaching, Health and Wellness, Inspiration
Amanda Louisa is an Associate Director at a large multinational by day, and follows her passion for empowering women – basically at all other times! A self-confessed recovering perfectionist and people-pleaser, Amanda helps high-performing women break their Good Girl conditioning, reconnect with their soul-Self, rewire their nervous system and create a life beyond their wildest dreams. She...

Priscilla Jeha - If you're not obsessed with your life, then change it.

Body and Health, Health and Wellness
As the GM of an ASX listed advertising agency in 2020, my nervous system was shot and health wasn’t a priority. When the pandemic hit, I became conscious of living more cleanly and with greater balance. I have twins who were 3 at the time and were basically licking everything! I’ve always used natural products...

Sandy Davies - It's never too late to live your dreams

Business, Health and Wellness, Inspiration
Sandy’s mantra? It’s never too late to live your dreams. Sandy became an author in her fifties. In addition to writing, an allergic reaction to a treatment for intimate dryness during perimenopause launched Sandy out of semi-retirement to become the formulator and founder of award-winning HappyPause™ Balm. When not writing and heightening menopause awareness, Sandy...

Caytie Langford - Igniting your own Boldness in 2022.

Business, Coaching, Health and Wellness, Inspiration
Caytie Langford is the Founder of Bold Women Society™, a personal and professional development company focused on helping women bust through the status quo. Bold Women Society’s vision is a world where every woman unapologetically pursues her dreams because she has the confidence to be bold, the courage to be authentic, and the power that...

Daniel Koffler - Maximising your potential in 2022.

Business, Coaching, Health and Wellness, Inspiration
Daniel Koffler, BS is President of New Frontiers (, an executive functioning coaching organization. NF provides academic, social, transitional and career supports to clients with a range of abilities and interests, allowing them to maximize their potential and become the most successful, independent, self-advocating members of society they can be. Originally working in his family’s...

Elly Johnson - Truth, Trust, Awareness and Kindness.

Business, Coaching, Health and Wellness, Inspiration
Elly Johnson in a former police officer turned communication specialist who shines a spotlight on critical elements of healthy relationships; truth, trust, awareness and kindness. Elly has built an expansive career which includes consulting with and developing programs for government agencies and global businesses. Elly has expertise in teaching people techniques to build rapport rapport,...

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