Kellieanne O’Shea – My story is a living testimony of the power of courage, resilience, and determination, having overcome various life challenges.

Early Childhood Teacher, Life Coach, Amazon #1 best selling author, I have a passion for helping individuals unleash their inner warrior and hero.
My story is a living testimony of the power of courage, resilience, and determination, having overcome various life challenges. My journey has been one filled with pain, thrills and courage, all of which have contributed to my growth and success in moving forward into my own superhero.
One of my recent achievements was the release of my first book “Courage to be ME.” A reflection of my life journey, it seeks to empower readers to embrace their unique selves and live their lives to the fullest as well as the courage to embrace who they are. One of the craziets things I have done was jumping out of a plane at 15,000ft while on holiday in New Zealand. This experience taught me the value of taking risks and stepping out of one’s comfort zone. Despite the challenges I have faced, I have remained strong and proud of who I am. I live with facial palsy resulting from a stroke when I was eight years, which has left me partially blind in my left eye and completely deaf in my left ear. I wear a hearing aid in my right ear, which allows me to communicate effectively, I will never let these define me.
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My passion for helping others and my unwavering courage in the face of adversity had allowed me to be seen an inspiration to many. I hope to continue writing and coaching, providing a platform for others to share their stories and encouraging them to find the courage to be themselves. I use my life experiences to inspire and motivate others. I had a tough start in life and initially allowed it to define me. But with resilience, grit, and perseverance, I learned and grew from my experiences, ultimately seeing myself as the unique and powerful person that I am today.
Oprah once quoted ‘You are where you are in your life, based on what you believe. If you’re not looking at the shadows, what is subconsciously telling yourself you’re not good enough, not worthy enough, not smart enough…you’re not enough, you end up acting out of THAT belief system, and not of what you want to be the truest for yourself.””. How important is it to you to have the belief within ones self?
I know first-hand the transformational impact that comes from shifting from a place of not believing in oneself to having a strong sense of belief. This mindset shift, I believes, is what enables magic to unfold in our lives. I now understand the value of putting yourself first and seeing the potential in yourself and your dreams. I know that facing challenges and obstacles is an inevitable part of the journey, but we must never lose sight of the big picture and keep moving forward with determination and resilience.
Tell us what the word “Entrepreneur” means to you?
When it comes to advice for fellow aspiring entrepreneurs, I believe that being prepared to fail is key. Rather than fearing failure, we must embrace it as the first attempt in learning and use it as an opportunity for growth and improvement.
Keep your dreams and goals big and audacious because if they don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough. Success only comes with hard work and self-belief, and if we are willing to put in the effort and stay committed, we can achieve anything we set our mind to.
How has the life of being an entrepreneur, changed you?
Taking time out is important for me – removing myself from the computer, leaving my ph and getting outside for a walk, playing with my dog.
Share you thoughts on the importance of business owners to be a leader in their own life and ensure they have a work/life balance?
Work-life balance is important. It allows us to achieve a sense of balance between our professional and personal lives.
It improves both our physical and mental health and we can sense a personal fulfillment by being able to balance both.
What is your favourite quote about “following your dreams”?
“You are You and that right there is Your superpower!” – Kellieanne O’Shea
“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending!!!” – C.S.Lewis
What advice would you give to anyone wanting to start their own business?
Be prepared to FAIL and embrace it with a smile, to FAIL is only OUR First Attempt In Learning…..
Remember if your dreams and goals don’t scare you then they aren’t BIG enough!!!!
It ONLY happens with hard work and self belief – YOU GOT THIS!!!!

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