Running Wild and healing my life

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Written by Lisa Ohtaras

Transitioning from a traditional medical background, working two and a half decades as a registered nurse, into the field of Energy healing working with the Divine spirit world took immense courage and faith. It was a massive progression in my soul’s evolution.

Although I loved working as a nurse helping people who were sick, I always had a sense within my being, that there was more that I was meant to do. Yet, I had no idea what that something more was until the day I became very unwell over 25 years ago.

My illness began with the warning signs of Multiple Sclerosis, that left me so unwell I thought I was going to die. The illness, alongside my conviction to stay alive for my two young children, propelled me onto a spiritual path. I did immense, deep inner work and healed myself. My inner healing reversed all the threatening symptoms I was experiencing, and without the use of any medication.

During my humbling healing journey, I discovered there was much more to me than I realised. Discovering I had the ability to heal myself from such a serious and debilitating illness, gave me ultimate faith in the invisible parts of me. We all have the invisible parts of us. Some refer to this as their intuition. These invisible parts or impulses come directly from our soul, that is comprised of the older, broader, wiser parts of who we are.

Accessing this inner wisdom gave me the confirmation I needed to take a different path and commence, what the Divine explained as, my Sacred Contract. Your Sacred Contract is the mission your soul has chosen to fulfil during this lifetime on Planet earth. We co create our Sacred Contract with Divine guidance.

Initially I resisted as we do when faced with anything outside of our existing paradigm, how could I abandon 25 years of doing what I really enjoyed? Being a nurse is all I wanted to be as a little girl. But when I put those fears aside, the thought of my Sacred Contract lit me up inside and left me tingling all over with excitement. Which I know now to be the sensation of being in alignment with your soul. I wake up every day with that same feeling.

Living my Sacred Contract and fulfilling my soul’s purpose continues to be one of the most humbling experiences for me. I always feel humility when I work with the Divine beings of illuminated light.

When I conduct energy healing, I incorporate ancient and modern modalities including the channelling of light language for abundance, to facilitate the transformation of energy. I work on a person’s past life energy, including ancestral influences, clearing energy which no longer serves a purpose, resulting in positive energy shifts which have a positive impact on a person’s life. The work I conduct is Divinely guided and is tailored for the individual.

If you are struggling with life, not enjoying your work, feeling uninterested in the world around you, this can all change from one decision you make. Discover what your soul’s purpose is. Then live your Sacred Contract. The shift of energy within you will transform things in your life in unimaginable ways.

When I was living from an unconscious state of being my life was different. Although I was happy, I had an abundant life I was grateful for, my soul was wanting me to live consciously.
Subsequently, my soul created a serious illness that left me questioning why I had become so health challenged.

In reflection my illness was a great gift. The inner work I accomplished healed many parts of my spirit, my soul and my shadow. The inner work continues as I heal my soul and will
continue, until the day I leave Planet earth and return to the spirit world.

Change can happen very quickly within one’s being. When the decision is made to change the belief relating to a specific thing or situation and reframe the story, magnificent changes occur.

The miracles I have personally witnessed whilst conducting energy work, mentoring and coaching are truly inspiring. Part of my role is being a Soul Contract Advisor, to inform people of their soul’s purpose and Sacred Contract. Lives change when people become
aware of their purpose and have the understanding and knowledge they need, to fulfil their Sacred Contract on Planet earth.

Lisa Ohtaras


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