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Bianca Caruana - Stories that shape our future for the better.

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Saru Gupta - Embodied Leadership

Body and Health, Business, Inspiration, Money and Career

Jamie R. Wright - Advocate And Activist And True Inspiration

Body and Health, Business, Family and Relationships, Health and Wellness, Inspiration

Dhruvi Halai - Creating A Ayurvedic-Inspired Skincare Brand

Body and Health, Business, Health and Wellness

Megan Harvey - Help at Hand Education

Body and Health, Business

Kim Guseli - Belief in ourselves is crucial for personal and professional growth.

Body and Health, Business
Kim Guseli is the Founder and Owner of Botanical Skincare Lab in Hervey Bay, Queensland. As a cosmetic chemist she formulates and personally hand-pours all of the distinctive products featured in her current collection. Kim has opted to showcase botanicals in her collection due to their exceptional skin benefits.  Thank you for joining us here at...

Richard Stafford - Seeking professional help is not a sign of weakness.

Body and Health
I’m the founder and CEO of an online therapy company that provides clients easy access to a diverse range of qualified and insured mental health professionals. Thank you for joining us here at The Corporate Escapists. Please introduce yourself to our reader. They love to know about you, your passion, and how you came to find...

Tanya MacIntyre - I help people create a life they love... one they don't need to escape from!

Body and Health, Coaching
Tanya MacIntyre is a former broadcast journalist who packed up negative news (and her progressive addictions) for positive media and entrepreneurship. Tanya is unabashedly optimistic about the human capacity to heal ~ to tap into the wellspring of compassion that is self-energy and self-love. Her professional focus is healing trauma and addictions. As a CBT Consultant,...

Amanda Louisa - Tackling your limiting beliefs through your nervous system is the key.

Body and Health, Coaching, Health and Wellness, Inspiration
Amanda Louisa is an Associate Director at a large multinational by day, and follows her passion for empowering women – basically at all other times! A self-confessed recovering perfectionist and people-pleaser, Amanda helps high-performing women break their Good Girl conditioning, reconnect with their soul-Self, rewire their nervous system and create a life beyond their wildest dreams. She...

Priscilla Jeha - If you're not obsessed with your life, then change it.

Body and Health, Health and Wellness
As the GM of an ASX listed advertising agency in 2020, my nervous system was shot and health wasn’t a priority. When the pandemic hit, I became conscious of living more cleanly and with greater balance. I have twins who were 3 at the time and were basically licking everything! I’ve always used natural products...

Lose Weight For Good Without A Diet With Ken Kleinberg | Episode 117

Body and Health, Coaching, Inspiration, Podcast, TV Show
In this episode, we are sitting down with Master Weight Loss Coach Ken Kleinberg as he shares his unique effective solutions based on real-life experience of losing weight for good without any form of diet or any weight-loss program.   About our guest, Ken I have lost 62.5 lbs and have kept it off for...

Lorna Zelenak - I am a Cosmetic Nurse who is passionate about enhancing your natural beauty - all while advocating for transparency and your safety.

Body and Health, Business, Coaching
Lorna Zelenak is a Registered Nurse and Entrepreneur. She has founded Cosmetic Injectables by Lorna and The Aesthetic Atelier – Australia’s first and only business program for cosmetic nurses. Lorna is currently shaking up the aesthetics industry, with a goal to create transparency from nurse to patient about procedures, risks and side effects. She is vocal...

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